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Finding Jewel — Breaking Their Chains













Summary of the Novel

Jewel is one victim of the burgeoning human trafficking business in the Menducium kingdom. Her amber eyes never meet another’s. Days pass in hopelessness and despair. She survives by meekly accepting what is done to her, having no voice and stealing food to supplement the scraps she receives. Then suddenly, Jewel finds herself being sold once again, but this time freedom awaits.

At Spice House, she grapples with an entire life change. What does freedom mean? How does one become part of a family? Trusting others, learning to speak out, and standing for truth are completely foreign to Jewel. She struggles to unlearn the beliefs that proclaim to her wounded heart that she will never be more than a slave.

When she discovers the truth about her past, and destruction threatens to destroy all Jewel now holds dear, she must determine if her story will be one of fearfulness or redemption.



This site is dedicated to victims of and those recovering from human trafficking.